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  2. cmq la metro si, è figa, mi sono fatto da borgata paradiso (collegno) fino a p. susa. la prossima volta la faccio fino a p. nuova. e comunque i biglietti costano troppo. si, sono che non ve ne sbatte una sega di questo commento.

  3. Rick MPlaying the age card is the last refuge of the desperate and clueless. What this tells me is that you weren’t there when Alice Cooper was considered sexy and dangerous and I was which is another way of saying I pity you.

  4. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of things like that?

  5. While I have no doubt that your realtor did a fine job, Jay, I can’t help but think that the real glory goes to the One who has other plans for you…God bless,Mark(And I have no doubt that you are at least as aware of that fact as I am.

  6. Defendius by Art Lebedev Studios, makers of the famous Optimus Maximus keyboard is a door-chain with a maze built into it. Unless you get the end of the chain off the

  7. Beautiful! I remember Megan sent me a facebook message about wedding things a while back and I HIGHLY recommended you! I’m so glad it worked out for you to shoot for them.

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  11. How close are they to being finished Tam? this seem's like a lot of work for a crown to repair a broken tooth. Still the good thing is you'll have all of this behind you when they finish.

  12. Oui je le recommande. Cela vaut vraiment la peine! Je n’avais jamais vraiment songé y aller mais là j’ai eu l’occasion et je comprends maintenant pourquoi c’est si populaire!

  13. Posted by on September 23, 2012 at 12:54 pm Oh yea, I love the action here. There is always something going on where I live.I did move out of the city several years ago because, NYC has changed so much. So I moved to this funky town where it reminds me of the East Village before the condo’s went up lol.I love diversity, and a multi-cultural setting. So here I am parting in the streets -DonnaDonna Merrill recently posted..

  14. Absolutely first rate and copper-bottomed, gentlemen!

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  19. fsy The West, led by Obama and the soulless 'liberals', has a huge amount of innocent blood on their hands, but what happened to Christianity's internal strength?As you ask in terms of Christian faith- A Christian's internal strength is in his submission to God's will. Only if Caesar's power becomes destructive to the universal good, will a Christian act – and then by sacrificing his life. It is not by going to war.That is in purely Christian terms. However, secular Christian nations response to evil is motivated by other concerns.

  20. You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.

  21. Lorna–Yes, so interesting to see where many of our parenting beliefs come from. Just writing that post took me waaaay back! Glad you stopped by!karen

  22. Comme le dit Esther, les carrés Rice Kripies (comme on les appelle), sont un vrai de vrai classique par ici… D'ailleurs, c'est à peu près une des seules gourmandises que ma mère avait le temps de nous préparer quand nous étions jeunes. C'est simple et c'est bon. Et je te jure que tu me donnes envie d'en faire! Bon week-end!

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  24. Ron – I think you should go “cover” the classes as a blogger. See if the classes are truly full past the first week – notoriously high drop-out rate factor – – you have an opp to see the entire process now.

  25. that I wish that the cops did you over, I just said that anything you bring upon yourself you deserve.As for you assuming that I am dimissing your ranting with no thought, that’s because you have been reading from the same tired old book for years. Nothing new from you I’m afraid. From what I hear, you and your silly mates inflamed this protest and almost got innocent participants injured in the process. And that is why I don’t have any respect for you.

  26. Am fost la Milano, am văzut ce ne/ai povestit aici mai puţin pomul de iarnă, că eu am fost vara. :) Am un regret: n-am putut vedea Opera că era în renovare. Frumos oraş. Merită vizitat fără ezitare.

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  32. Mirah is EXCELLENT. Advisory Committee really is one of my favorite albums ever, and her more recent stuff is quite good as well.Have you heard the new M83 yet?

  33. Thanks so much for the link about Elvis and the horses of Graceland!I enjoyed reading about them immensely. So happy that these wonderful equines brought Elvis pleasure and that they were so well cared for! Most of them lived quite long lives — Well done, Priscilla and all the barn staff. I always knew The King had a heart of gold!

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  35. Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of knowledge?!

  36. Olá Erick, obrigado pelo comentário.Recentemente estive refletindo sobre essa questão. Você está certo em sua colocação, realmente pode existir muito mais pressão alheia de clientes do que se poderia esperar. No entanto é uma questão muito relativa. Mas eu partilho de sua opinião [em parte], fica dificil de sermos nosso próprio patrão com tantos fatores que podem ‘mandar’ em nosso negócio.Abraço!

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  38. Make it a nice mini-series and keep the story the same as the book. Do the novel justice. A very good story. My favorite Stephen King novel. I didnt want to put it down till I was done. I’am about to start reading it again for the 2nd time. I can’t wait to see it on tv.

  39. Hey Chad, great video and the product is even better! I just want to let you know that I believe you can only have 12 images in a WSO, check it out to be sure. All you Chad followers out there, just know that this product is going to rock!

  40. Jen you don’t taste the coffee in the final dish. I think it rounds out the other flavors nicely. I’d say I had about 5 quarts of chili and The Mistah and I took care of about 3 quarts before any got bagged for the freezer.

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  42. the internet itself is the greatest and most effective Antiversity.Heh. Teh internet is many things, but it is not a "truth machine" that is "devoted to obtaining the truth for itself".there is no "America" that is cleanly separable from the USG.Of course there is. The USG is the political elite, the Establishment, that is utterly unresponsive to the American people, who are the real "America". Get rid of the current political elite – which despises the people it supposedly serves – and there will still be an America. This much should be obvious to anyone who isn't a moron…

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  52. Yeah I’m pretty sure Pallas just has the one meaning, whether male or female. Maybe Saoirse will get better-known, although Irish names only seem to get popular here once they’ve been thoroughly abandoned by the Irish.

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  58. Justice, my ass. The scotus and the government and all the media have taken justice from the people.Come 2012, just vote anyone in and get rid if his usurper ass, then investigate the scotus and nancy pelosi. Obama will be history. The one that needs to go to jail is NANCY PELOSI.

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  68. We can’t make it dangit… turns out we have to meet with the president that evening. Needs some advice on healthcare. I wish I could be there and if I was things would get crazy.

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  71. see final paragraph…"The media and the politicians can pretend that Faisal is some sort of aberration, but he's not. He was only a young Muslim man who wanted to practice his religion and get to heaven. The problem is that the Koran proclaims that to get to heaven, he has to step over the bodies of infidels. And we are a country of infidels. Which means that perhaps it's time we consider that it may not be in our interest to have people who practice this religion inside our borders"

  72. Jag har EXAKT sÃ¥n där spyfobi som du beskriver nu, och haft sen vinterkräksjukan för flera Ã¥r sedan. SÃ¥ rädd! Säger nÃ¥gon ”jag har ont i magen” eller ”jag mÃ¥r illa” sÃ¥ fÃ¥r jag panik och och typ springer därifrÃ¥n.. PÃ¥ vintern sÃ¥ dränker jag mina händer i alcogel typ var femte minut.. haha..

  73. Was such a nice surprise to bump into you and Suze! Shame I missed Reem…I am totally beside myself that this market is now weekly! It’s only 10 minutes walk from my place. Excitement!

  74. Tu as raison de t’être fait discret ces derniers temps Ulysse. Tu aurais du poursuivre dans cette voie parce que même gavé d’amphétamines, cela ne va pas le faire: on ne court jamais aussi vite qu’une balle de fusil..

  75. Ya la ví y la verdad está muy buena,no sólo porque sale Jennifer,sino por la historia y las actuaciones de todos los actores y los personajes, *-* hermosa!

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  77. I very rarely tell someone exactly "how I am today". It's mostly because I carefully choose who I want to reeeaaaalllly know that!You have a beautiful family! I think you are awesome for homeschooling, too!

  78. « The traditional conservative philosophy: self reliance, individualism against State intervention etc. is obsolete. » Perhaps so, but these things can be cyclical, and like I asserted to Tulsa Lurker, after a short period of neo-Marxism, or even « Marxism Lite », the people will be fed up with it. In many ways, the conservative movement is a victim of it’s own successes.

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  81. Thinking of the friends and family of Vittorio Missoni, missing after his plane went missing. Let’s hope he and his wife are ok and will be found, not just for their sake but for Venezuela’s economy too.

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  85. Thanks Brett, really don’t see it but hope your right. Right now Barney & Castro maybe Rizzo (Allen Craig) and Garza & Shark are they only players we have who could replace their starters so we have some work to do. Hope for the best.

  86. Alltid gøy å leke journalist, men da må jeg vel begyne å spre myter;-)At denne type Bruno-fremstilling fortsatt er såpass utbredt skyldes nok et godt stykke på vei at den har vært så nyttig som symbolsak. Å forholde seg til kilder er dessuten ikke spesielt vanlig når man vet hvordan noe er.

  87. Nea Costache:Gata, treaba e aranjata, asa ramane, vii si matale cu incarcatura (tocmai pomenisi si de un zaibar, ceva, aia e, incingem o petrecere).. Si nu-mi fac probleme ca nu te-as recunoaste (mi-ai dat o descriere amanuntita).. Totusi, pentru siguranta, voi seta in prealabil o parola si un cuvant de trecere pe care numai noi doi sa le cunoastem.. Sanatate multa!

  88. Salut tout le monde !!!Voilà, 2e jour (il est pas fini, certes) et pas de clopes !et ça va même pas trop mal (merci les patchs) : je me sens un peu plus énergique que d’habitude, donc faut gérer (s’occuper intelligemment plutôt que de glandouiller sur le canap à fumer…)Ce soir, soirée chez des potes, mon chéri fumeur revient ce soir donc j’espère que je pourrai bien gérer le week end qui s’annonce..réponse dimanche soir ! Plein d’encouragements à toutes !Biz

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  91. Judy, Your insight is so spot on! Everyone does need to set boundaries and to recognize boundaries. I am feeling better, stress is falling away as projects and events are completed. I need to catch up on your life, now!

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  96. What a wonderful idea for a giveaway!I bought a copy of Under Wildwood by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis for my mother since she loved the first book in the series. :)

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  98. Jae, I can’t tell you anymore than you see in the captions. In other words, some of these are printed from a single plate and some from two plates. There is no mention of the calligraphy being applied to the vellum by hand. As I understand it, an engraver who was also a calligrapher would have had to produce these (rather than an itinerant calligrapher having a bash at engraving) – engraving is too specialised and demanding a craft for an amateur to get a result like this. {As far as I know anyway}(Chloe, sorry, I can’t do link exchanges — there would be no content if I linked up everybody.)

  99. Merci Romain !! En fait ca fait trois ans que je réalise les ateliers avec les enfants ;-) j’en fais moins maintenant mais au moins une fois par an !au studio j’ai adoré…!!

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  101. Yeah for blog world! Best wishes to all of your readers for a very Merry Christmas! I see a few snowmen(on the card) lost their noses during the trip north. Oh well.. they are Florida snowmen. They probably melted off on the way out It will be 81 here today.

  102. Oh you make me laugh, Curtise. First, love the look (I am with you on the batwings comment) – though I'm sorry you are wearing your winter boots. I love the way you've styled the outfit with the patterned tights – I never know how to wear them. And the 80s hair? Love it, quelle flashback – but how did we get the perms so big? BTW I hadn't heard of "It's Raining Men" until I moved to the UK – now I love that song! xo

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